Bachelor in Political Science


Area of Studies

social sciences



Degree (in English)

Bachelor degree

  • English
  • Polish
Course Duration

6 semesters

ECTS points



Faculty of Social Scienses, Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa

Tuition and Other Fees

Application Deadline(s)

Compliant with the recruitment calendar at the University

Course Description

Course Profile

The main goal of education in Political Science is to gain broad knowledge in the field of political science and administration in the area of social sciences and humanities in general. The curriculum includes a wide range of subjects, providing the student with the ability of multidisciplinary analysis of political, economic, social, legal, and cultural phenomena, in local, regional, and global dimensions. It is assumed that graduates from the Political Science Faculty will proficiently apply their knowledge of recent Polish and world political history, international relations, history of political thought, evolution of political doctrines, theory of state and law, organisation and management, political systems, public administration, local politics (in Poland and other countries), political aspects of economy, state social and economic policies, European integration, national and international security, communication, and political marketing. As a result of developing an attitude that fosters self-education and self-improvement, the Graduates are prepared for public activity and active participation in the political and social sphere on both national and international levels. Education of students in ethics, effective communication, and cooperation in all endeavors and activities they undertake in the course of their studies, develop skills in conflict resolution and effective action planning in individual and teamwork. Their use in future professional work makes the Graduate an employee who can both cooperate in a group, and what is more important, who has skills to manage a team of people. The objective of the Political Science programme is to provide specialists in social sciences (political science), who freely use their humanities knowledge, erudite people who, thanks to the interdisciplinary studies, including the acquired language skills, (B2 level for first-cycle studies) proficiency in the use of modern multimedia technology, and the ability to formulate mature opinions, will be able to use their personal and social knowledge, skills and interpersonal competences as well as social competences in the local, domestic and global labour markets.

Specialties offered within the programme of the first-cycle studies: European and politics and social specialty three-month internships, aligned with the curriculum, to prepare students for future work in, amongst others:

          government and local government structures;

          political party bodies;

          institutions and units operating in the broadly understood security sector;

          economic and social organisations (including those conducting international cooperation);

          media and public relations agencies.

Education Requirements

Matura exams

Other Requirements

B2 level in English


dr Małgorzata Kuś;

(34) 3784297