MSc in Physics Specialities


Area of Studies

natural sciences



Degree (in English)

Master degree

  • English
Course Duration

4 semesters (2 years)

ECTS points



Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa, Faculty of Science and Technology

Tuition and Other Fees

Tuition fees will be posted on the University website.

Application Deadline(s)

August 2022

Course Description

Course Profile

The aim of the education in the field of Physics master degree is to provide expanded knowledge of physics based on the thorough foundations of mathematics and natural sciences, knowledge in the field of the selected specialization, as well as to develop the ability to understand and accurately describe physical phenomena, to use modern measuring equipment and technical diagnostic systems, and to develop the skills of collecting, processing and transmitting information in the field of natural sciences, in particular physical and technical sciences. 

Graduates of Physics, second cycle studies are also prepared for third cycle studies. Depending on the chosen specialization and module, graduates acquire skills desirable for various professions. 

Studies in the field of Physics of the second degree, general and academic profile last 2 years (4 semesters). The majority of classes from the group of subjects is realized during the first year of studies. Detailed emphasis is placed on the study of technical English, the knowledge of which is necessary when studying technical documentation of equipment, electronic components or international scientific and technical articles. 

The student of Physics, second degree studies can choose from two specialties: Acoustics and Audio Systems and Nanophysics and Nanomaterials. In addition, the student chooses one of the elective course modules: 

  • Electroacoustics, 
  • Nanophysics. 

Depending on the specialization chosen, graduates acquire additional skills. 


Specialty: Acoustics and audio systems 

Subjects related to the specialty are realized during the first and second year of studies, and they can be divided into three main blocks. The first block of subjects is realized by specialists from the Department of Music at UJD. These subjects concern acoustics of speech, musical instruments and knowledge of the analysis of musical works. These classes are an important complement to scientific and technical knowledge, they broaden the knowledge essential when working in the studio, during the operation or designing acoustic devices. The next block consists of laboratories, lectures and exercises in electronics, digital electronics, electronics of audio systems or electroacoustic measurement. These subjects consolidate the knowledge and technical practice necessary during the occupation connected with the studied specialty. All these classes are realized at the Faculty of Science, Natural and Technical Sciences. The last block includes subjects realized in a recording studio. During the classes students get acquainted with the equipment, virtual devices (so-called VST plug-ins - Virtual Studio Technology) and software used in studios. 

Graduates of this specialization will be able to find work in the electronic and acoustic industries, the music industry and anywhere else where equipment and software for processing and manipulating sound signals is used.  


Specialty: Nanophysics and Nanomaterials  

The classes within the specialization concern mainly issues related to, among others, physics of semiconductor materials, physics of magnetic materials, interaction of radiation with matter, spectroscopic methods, nanophysics, physics of composite materials, numerical modelling of solids, microsensors. In addition to lectures and seminars, students also attend laboratory classes where they are introduced to methods of manufacturing and testing nanometric-sized materials.  

Graduates of this specialty can find employment: 

  • as specialists in the study and modelling of nanostructures, composite and mesoscopic materials, 
  • as specialists involved in the implementation of nanostructures in specialized industrial laboratories,  
  • in electronic and electrotechnical plants implementing modern industrial technologies. 
Education Requirements

Legalized diploma of first cycle studies in physics and very good knowledge of English language.



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