Agriculture - second-cycle, full-time, in the field of Production Management


Area of Studies

agricultural sciences



Degree (in English)

Master of Science

  • English
Course Duration

3 semesters

ECTS points



Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry

Tuition and Other Fees

4 500 PLN per semester, registration fee 85 PLN

Application Deadline(s)

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Course Description

Course Profile

The graduate: acquires the capability of performing research experiments and analysing experimental results, and shows creative initiative and decision-making abilities. He or she has deeper knowledge in the given field of study, and is familiar with ecological problems arising from the development of rural areas as well as the functioning of agricultural infrastructure. The Graduates is also able to apply the methodology of conducting research in agriculture and process data with the aid of up-to-date information technology. The graduate is prepared to work in specialist agricultural farms, research and development institutions, and agricultural advisory centers. Graduates are prepared for continuous learning and professional development and are ready to undertake research work as well as to enter doctoral studies.

Education Requirements

The course is open for applicants who have successfully completed a B.Sc. Eng. Degree or equivalent, with minimum 210 ECTS in the field of: Landscape architecture, Bioengineering of food production, Biotechnology, Geodesy and cartography, Spatial economy, Engineering and agricultural management systems, Environmental protection, Gardening, Agriculture, Fishing, Agricultural and forestry technology, Food technology and human nutrition, Commodities, Tourism and recreation, Zootechny, Forestry, Management of renewable and mineral raw materials.


dr hab. Piotr Bórawski, prof. UWM


phone no: +48 89 523 45 17