M.Sc. in Civil Engineering, specialization: Construction Engineering and Management


Area of Studies

engineering, technology



Degree (in English)

Master of Science

  • English
Course Duration

1.5 years (3 semesters)

ECTS points



Faculty of Civil and Transport Engineering

Tuition and Other Fees

Admission fee: 100 PLN

Tuition fee:
7500 PLN / first semester
6600 PLN /per each following semester

Application Deadline(s)


Course Description

Course Profile

M.Sc. in Civil Engineering, specialization: Construction Engineering Management (Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering), duration: 3 semesters, 90 ECTS points

The aim of the study is to prepare a Master of civil engineering having the second cycle university education, capable to explore, execute (start), and exploiting innovation in civil engineering based on system approach (information, energy, communication, transport systems).

The general idea of this course is to: find innovation area (first semester), generate and examine innovation options (second semester), and execute innovations (third semester). This study is prepared in cooperation with leaders at the construction market (international corporations and SME) taking into consideration examining the possibility to solve real problems.

During the course, there are possible summer paid internships for students in the field of construction technology.

During this Master Studies, students working in teams (international: United States, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Finland and Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland) will be prepared to (1) work in partner enterprises (corporations or SME), (2) work on Ph.D. (3 levels of study). The creation of SPIN-OFF/START-UPP is also taken into consideration as a result of this Master's program.

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