BSc in Architecture


Area of Studies

architecture, urban and regional planning



Degree (in English)

Bachelor of Science

  • English
Course Duration

4 years (8 semesters)

ECTS points



Lodz University of Technology Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineeringgy

Tuition and Other Fees

8000 PLN per semester (approx. 1800 EUR)

Application fee - 150 PLN (approx. 35 EUR; non-refundable)

Application Deadline(s)

June/July For details check:

Course Description

Course Profile

The degree program in Architecture provides students with the opportunity to study in Polish and English. We plan to accept 120 people to study in Polish and 25 people to study in English. The advantage of the eight-semester degree program is that it allows the student to determine his/her own career path.

With many elective modules, the student has the opportunity to choose the topics they are interested in, including the topics of semester projects and the course leader. Future interior designers will be prepared for creative professional activities in the field of interior design, fundamentals of design, exhibition and stage design as well as various auxiliary tasks in the fields of construction, architecture, urban planning - individually and in teams.

The formula adopted since the academic year 2019/2020 provides for the possibility to choose a curriculum path in the form of elective modules in the field of interior design at higher semesters. This way, the opportunity was created to learn how to cooperate with specialists in other fields of the arts and humanities in design projects. Technical studies also provide opportunities to develop skills to work with other technical disciplines and to manage the execution of the interior design processes in both newly designed and adapted buildings. All those who want to be an architect and at the same time specialize in interior design are given this opportunity.

In the light of the applicable regulations, the degree of inżynier architekt awarded upon successful completion of the 1st cycle degree program in architecture is required if the graduate wishes to apply, upon the successful completion of a 2nd cycle program, for unlimited professional certification in architecture.

The comprehensive inżynier architekt training will enable him or her to participate competently in activities to shape the living space of individuals and social groups, to engage in creative professional activities in a variety of tasks in the fields of architecture and urban planning, individually and in teams, and to collaborate with specialists in other fields: technical, the arts and humanities. Specially prepared modules will allow the student to acquire skills to work in interdisciplinary project teams (PBL, Integrated Project), coordinate work with construction industries (construction, installations). A new module, architectural practice, will prepare the student to pursue a professional career in the future.

Education Requirements

Candidates have to hold a legalized secondary school certificate or another foreign document that entitles one to continue education at the university level.

List of grades required for entry is available on our website:

Candidates must have very good knowledge of English.

List of accepted international language certificates is also available on our website:

Other Requirements

Candidates for are obliged to take a drawing skills exam.


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