BSc in Textiles and Fashion Industry


Area of Studies

art and design



Degree (in English)

Bachelor of Science

  • English
Course Duration

3,5 years (7 semesters)

ECTS points



Lodz University of Technology Faculty of Material Technology and Textile Design

Tuition and Other Fees

6700 PLN per semester (approx. 1400 EUR)

Application fee - 150 PLN (approx. 35 EUR; non-refundable)

Application Deadline(s)

June/July For details check

Course Description

Course Profile

This is a unique field of study on a national scale. The Lodz region is famous for its modern textile and clothing industry, which is also developing intensively in Poland and Europe. We know how to create an innovative industry for the 21st century and will teach you the secrets of the trade. Materials for bullet-proof waistcoats, medical dressings or textiles for hospitals - these are just some of the topics you will learn about during your studies. You will gain skills in the use of biotechnology, electro-technology and nanotechnology to produce new textiles, 3D products, 'smart textiles' and textile biomaterials. These solutions have applications not only in clothing, but also in medical, personal protection, composite, geo- and agro-textiles, among others. After your studies, you will become a versatile designer with knowledge of innovative textile technologies used in clothing, medicine, transport, composites, personal protection and textronic materials.

Education Requirements

Candidates have to hold a legalized diploma of first degree studies or another foreign document that entitles them to continue education at the second degree studies level.

A candidate must have very good knowledge of English proven by an international language certificate or an official document issued by candidate’s university stating that English was medium of instruction on the first degree study programme they have completed.

List of accepted international language certificates is also available on our website:


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