Bachelor Degree in Food Science: Technology and Nutrition


Area of Studies

agricultural sciences



Degree (in English)

Bachelor BSc

  • English
Course Duration

6 semesters

ECTS points



Faculty of Food Technology and Faculty of Human Nutrition

Application Deadline(s)

Date of commencement of studies: October Recruitment calendar -

Course Description

Course Profile

Aim of the programme

The bachelor programme of Food Science: Technology and Nu­trition has the aim to provide students with the most up-to-date knowledge and skills in the field of food technology, food process­ing and nutrition. The programme has a high number of contact hours including a significant proportion of practical laboratory activities with experiments conducting in groups or individually. The study programme offers lectures, tutorials and project-based teaching also. In addition to knowledge related to technological processes and human nutrition, graduates will be able to identify chemical, biological and physical hazards during food production, processing, distribution and storage. The proposed study offer focuses on the organization of technological processes, especially on the high-quality products and the implementation of process­es with the use of the most modern and innovative techniques, standards and sustainable food systems, as well as allows to acquire knowledge and skills regarding the well-balanced nutrition in health maintaining.

Main mandatory subjects:

1 Year

General and organic chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Information technology, Food raw materials, Nutrition sociology or Polish cul­ture, Sustainable food systems, Food chemistry, General and food microbiology, Introduction into food processing, Introduction into human nutrition, Basic statistic, Engineering graphics, Polish for foreigners or Foreign language Physical education.

2 Year

Biochemistry & enzymology, Basics of human anatomy and physiology, General food technology, Food production equip­ment, Instrumental methods of food analysis, Plant-origin food technology, Basics of food engineering, Advance in human nutrition, Pathogens in water and food, Animal-origin food technology, Food biotechnology, New food product development, Food additives, Sensory analysis, Consumer behaviour, Physical education.

3 Year

Food production hygiene, Catering technology, Food packaging and contact materials, Basics of dietetics, Nutrition of selected population groups, Technological design of food industry plants or Technological design of food gastronomy plants, Food safety and quality management in food production or Food safety and quality management in gastronomy, Technological/Nutritional project, Seminars, Protection of intellectual property, Electives1*, Electives 2**.

* i.e., , Alcoholic beverages and human being, Drugs, medicines and smart food components and additives, Die­tary prevention, Alternative diets, Diet, environment and health; Contemporary methods of management, Functional, probiotic and health food

** i.e., Bioengineering in food industry, Cutting-edge technologies in food industry, Design thinking in food industry, Drying, Herbs, food and health, Physical proper­ties of food, Prevention of food quality, Public health nutrition


Career prospect:

The alumni of FSTN can find jobs in:

-          engineering and technology positions in companies operating in the food industry,

-          food processing plants, as well as in enterprises dealing with quality and safety

management in the food chain,

-          enterprises developing and supplying new technological solu­tions to food industry plants,

-          consulting companies, commercial laboratories, food distribu­tion and logistics,

-          R&D institutes,

-          companies responsible for diet planning and catering,

facilities disseminating professional knowledge about food and nutrition and in many other institutions of the food chain.

Education Requirements

Entry requirements:

-          the results of the maturity examination in biology or chemistry or mathematics;

-          graduated secondary level education and the diploma recog­nized by EU is required for application to the course;

       -      confirmed knowledge of English (certificate of English language at least level B2 or maturity exam in English language at an Advanced level with result at least 60%, or a document confirming completion of the high school with programme in English as language of instruction);


Student Affairs Office:

Faculty Coordinator:

Faculty of Food Technology:

dr hab. Magdalena Wirkowska-Wojdyła:;  

Faculty of Human Nutrition:

dr inż. Michał Oczkowski: