Master Degree in Finance and Accounting


Area of Studies

business studies and management sciences



Degree (in English)


  • English
Course Duration

4 semesters

ECTS points



Faculty of Economics

Tuition and Other Fees

4 500 PLN / semester

Application Deadline(s)

Date of commencement of studies: October Recruitment calendar:

Course Description

Course Profile

Aim of the program

The specialization has been established to provide students with the theoretical and practical foundations of finance and accounting and acquire the necessary knowledge in the field of economics, marketing and management. Students acknowledge the principles of operation of economic entities and the relations between these entities and other institutions that create an economic environment, both on a national and international scale. They get acquainted with the regularities and effects of human economic activity. They learn how to develop individual entrepreneurship using various methods and techniques used in research in economic sciences. The aim is to provide students with the most up-to-date knowledge that will cover the current social needs and challenges of the labour market.

Main mandatory subjects

1 Year

Monetary policy, credit institution management, forecasting and simulation, cost accounting, risk theory, financial law, dynamic and financial econometrics, controlling in a bank, managerial accounting, intellectual property management, financial reporting, financial consulting, financial engineering, international finance, investment portfolio, advanced financial accounting, IT systems in financial institutions, tax accounting, diploma seminar.

2 Year

Contemporary theories in finance, international accounting, facultative subjects (8 of them during 3rd and 4th semester), diploma seminar.

Career prospects

Students gain advanced knowledge in the field of finance and accounting, the functioning of financial institutions. They get the ability to analyze basic economic phenomena and the economic and financial situation of economic units. The graduates are prepared to work in enterprises, organizations and public and non-governmental institutions, including financial institutions. They also gain the necessary knowledge and skills to run a business independently.

Education Requirements

Entry requirements:

- diploma of the first-cycle studies (Bachelor’s degree or equivalent) in the field of economy, management, finance, accounting, logistics, tourism,

- diploma of the related field of the first cycle studies (Bachelor’s degree or equivalent), for which the effects of education are convergent with the learning outcomes expected from candidates; if the convergence is incomplete, the student will be obliged to supplement the competence gaps by completing the subjects specified during the interview, in an amount not exceeding 30 ECTS, which is the limit of admissible discrepancy,

- the average grade from first-cycle studies;

- confirmed knowledge of English (certificate of English language at least level B2).


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